Ashiatsu - Barefoot Massage

Ashiatsu has its roots in the Far East, utilizing techniques that have been around for

thousands of years. This ancient Eastern technique meets the West, using the best

combined elements of traditional Thai massage, barefoot Shiatsu from Japan and

Keralite massage from southern India, with underlining dynamics in the study of

of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The term Ashiatsu comes from the Japanese words

for "foot" (ashi) and "pressure" (atsu).

How It Works: 

Feet are bigger and stronger than hands. Ashiatsu is performed on a massage table. During treatment, the therapist uses the parallel bars overhead for balance while applying slow, gliding foot pressure and compression to strategic points along the spine and body. Ashiatsu’s one and two-footed strokes distribute pressure evenly over a large area of the body, providing a deep and relaxing massage without the pain often associated with traditional deep-tissue massage.

What will an Ashiatsu massage feel like?
Ashiatsu offers deep, broad compression without sharp discomfort. Ashiatsu is meant to feel more like a mesmerizing Swedish massage, deep broad pressured flowing strokes with no pain. Feel an awakening of your natural healing potential through true relaxation.

Ashiatsu brings relief to:

  • Chronic back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Scoliosis

  • Tight and painful hamstrings and calves

  • Fibrosis

Hygiene: Before each Ashiatsu session, the therapist feet are cleansed and sanitized.